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Capturing Moments that truly matter

Life is filled with things screaming for your attention and it can be difficult to take the time to slow down and be present. So take a deep breath with me, slow down, and let's enjoy the beauty of life.

I am here to help you find a reason to stop, to look back and to smile at the kingdom you've built. 

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I am a Canadian who pursued his true love, got married and found himself in the United States. It turns out, it can take some time to receive permanent residency, which led me to pick up a camera and fall in love with the art.

For me, photography is about connecting with people and capturing them in ways they’ve never seen themselves. Sometimes, when it comes to being in front of the lens, people have no idea how to simply “be” and I find that journey a beautiful thing. It’s my passion to truly capture your authenticity behind your smile. It's my passion to capture your aesthetic.

And so, I think it is an incredible hono(u)r getting to work with people who just want to celebrate life, families who want to be in the moment, dancers who want to capture amazing movement and couples who are completely in love.

Aesthetically crafted for the beautifully authentic

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From the exciting

to the everyday, I love it all.

My name is Zhaun (pronounced like Shawn or if you are Irish, then like Sean). I'm a freelance Boston-based photographer who is also a dad joke enthusiast, although I am terrible at coming up with them. I am here for you to capture your big moments like engagements & weddings, portrait sessions, family outings and last but not least movement photographs for all the dancers out there.

My priority as a photographer, first and foremost, is to capture moments that truly matter. Being able to experience significant moments in people's lives and commemorating them in picture form excites me and to see people's genuine reaction fills me with absolute joy.

I love being a little weird, finding beauty in the awkward and making new friends. Contact me and let's eternalize these memories.

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Capturing the moments that truly matter

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