It's pronounced like Shaun, or if you're Irish, then it's Sean. My parents gave all my siblings unique names that started with a Z, but when they got to me, they got lazy and decided to pick a normal name and just swap out the S.

See, I'm an awkward middle child; grew up always getting the never fitting hand me downs and sitting beside my "too-strong" older brother as he played final fantasy 7 on our (more like his) ps1. So, when people ask me what I love doing for fun, maybe it's the middle child within me, but I simply answer with, "what ever you like doing". It's not because I don't have any hobbies, but when I hang out with my VIPs, I find joy in seeing the happiness on their faces when they are doing what they love. 

I bring that same mentality to inform my photography. I am all about your experience and capturing you and yours in a photojournalistic way. So, my biggest priority is to infuse your personality into my work and ensuring you're feeling at your best. I'm all about open communication, honest transparency and laugh until you drop moments. So on your wedding day, I'll be your lighthearted, calm presence and down for anything photographer.

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Hi, I'm Zhaun

A Good Animal


Ethnic Food

Caramel Everything

Jazz & Soul

Bike rides

Lazy Days

Trying New Things

Sunsets & Golden Light

A Good Vinyl

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